Monday, December 12, 2011

Peter Fisher vs. Jim McKinlay

Peter started off by getting one in the first.  Jim replied with three in the second and Peter was able to tie things up with two in the third.  The teams traded deuces for the rest of the game until the eighth.  Things were all tied up at 7’s after seven.  Jim had the hammer coming home and made good use of it by getting a single point to take the 8-7 win.

Rob McKinlay vs. Scott McKinlay

It’s always entertaining when brothers meet on the ice.  Scott missed his draw in the first and could only get one.  Rob replied with one in the second when he drew against three.  Scott made a nice double take-out for three in the third to jump into the lead.  Scott then was able to steal singles in the fourth, fifth and sixth before Rob decided to shake hands.  Scott wins a classic 7-1.

Tom Goens vs. Doug Young

Both teams had difficulty getting things going in this game.  Doug started off with a single in the first, followed by a steal of one in the second.  Tom was able to get one in the third.  Doug blanked the fourth before getting one in the fifth and taking a two point lead.  Tom got his deuce in the sixth to tie things up and then took the lead with a steal of one in the seventh.  Doug could only manage to get one in the eighth to send the game off to extra ends.  Doug had one in the house for Tom’s last rock.  Tom found a straight spot and rolled out of the rings after his hit to blank the extra end.  Much to the protestations of the rest of their rinks, Doug and Tom refused a draw to the button and sent the rocks down for another end.  Doug was able to get one behind cover in the extra end which Tom couldn’t get to.  Doug stole two in the tenth to win the longest game of the year 6-4.

Bob Ingram vs. Glen Meredith

Both the skips played this one close to their chests.  Bob took two in the first before Glen blanked the second.  Glen got one in the third to pull within one.  Bob blanked the fourth and fifth before getting two in the sixth.  Bob put the game away with a steal of one in the seventh.  Bob ran Glen out of rocks for the 5-1 win.

The standings as of December 12th.

Doug Young51
Rob McKinlay41
Sheila Young41
Jim McKinlay42
Bob Ingram32
Scott McKinlay23
Tom Goens14
Glen Meredith14
Peter Fisher 06

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