February 15, 2013

The Waddick Fuels Ridgetown Open Competitive (ROC) curling league played on February 15th, 2013. Come on out to watch some local curling action every Monday evening starting at 7:00 p.m.

Doug Young vs. Tom Goens

Doug was down a couple of curlers with the middle of his lineup in the sunny south for the week. Doug had to get used to his spares and could only manage one in the first. Tom replied with one in the second. Doug got one in the third. The trend was broken in the fourth when Doug managed a steal of four and then a steal of one in the fifth. Tom tried to get things going again, but could only get one in the sixth. Doug closed things out with a deuce in the seventh for a 9-2 win.

Jim McKinlay vs. Sheila Young

It was a game of inches. Unfortunately Sheila couldn’t get on the right side of the inch. Jim blanked the first and then took four in the second. Jim proceeded to steal one in the third and deuces in the fourth and fifth. Sheila finally got a pair in the sixth and decided to call it quits. Jim wins 9-2.

Glen Meredith vs. Bob Ingram

Glen has been on the wrong side of a lot of close games this year. This game was no different. Glen took one in the first and Bob blanked the second hoping for a big end. Glen stole the third. Bob blanked four and five, hoping for a big end. Glen stole the sixth. Glen stole the seventh. Bob was still hoping for a big end. Bob had one chance for his big end and he got one in the eighth. It’s too bad Bob’s big end couldn’t erase the hole he had dug. Glen wins a close one 4-3.

Peter Fisher vs. Rob McKinlay

Rob had a draw for three in the first, but put his rock through the house to just score a deuce. Peter got on the board but only scored one when his hit rolled out. Rob took advantage in the third. Rob made an open hit for three to pull into a 5-1 lead. Peter fought back with a hit for two in the fourth. Peter got on a roll and scored singles in the fifth and sixth to tie the game. Peter’s team made two really nice raise takeouts in the seventh to sit one against Rob. Rob made an angle double raise to sit one. Peter’s luck ran out as he overcurled with his last to push Rob in for two. Rob sealed the deal with a draw to the house for three. Rob ran Peter out of rocks in the eighth to win 8-5.