February 20, 2012

The Waddick Fuels Ridgetown Open Competitive (ROC) curling league played on February 20th, 2012.  Come on out to watch some local curling action every Monday evening starting at 7:15 p.m.

Scott McKinlay vs. Bob Ingram

Bob began with two in the first.  Scott, fresh off a good showing at Stubby’s Stag Spiel, replied with a single in the second.  Bob was able to get one in the third before stealing two in the fourth and another two in the fifth.  Scott was able to get two in the sixth before deciding to pack it in.

Jim McKinlay vs. Rob McKinlay

The cousins were at it again in another knock-down, drag out, pitched battle.  The battle was so intense, someone had to phone Rob to get him off the couch.  Rob showed up just in time to throw his last rock, which came up short, giving Jim a steal of one.  Rob blanked the second and gave up a steal of one to Jim when he was heavy on his last draw.  Rob got draw weight in the fourth and made a draw against two to make the score 2-1 at the half.  Jim hit for one in the fifth and then stole one in the sixth when rob wrecked on a guard.   Rob was forced to a single in the seventh when he drew against two.  Rob was sitting two in the eighth when Jim crashed on a guard to allow Rob a steal of two and make things all tied up and heading to an extra end.  Rob was able to get some guards up and Pauline Monette drew the back of the button.  Jim tried to open up the front, Rob tried to plug up the front.  Jim only had an angle raise left for his last rock.  Jim missed by a little, giving Rob the steal and the 5-4 win in a real nail-biter.

Doug Young vs. Peter Fisher

Pete started off with a single in the first and then stole three in the second, when Doug had an all-to-common miss.  Doug got on the board with three in the third.  Peter got one in the fourth to pull ahead 5-3.  Doug’s team switched into overdrive and took three in the fifth and stole three more in the sixth before Peter decided to limit the damage and shake hands.  Doug wins 9-5.

Tom Goens vs. Glen Meredith

Tom started things off with a draw to the button for one.  Tom then stole one in the second to pull into a two-point lead.  Glen was able to hit and stick for a single in the third.  Tom aim was a little off in the fourth when he missed with both his shots to allow Glen a steal of two.  Tom got things back on track and took one in the fifth before stealing singles in the sixth and seventh to take a two point lead.  Gary Balmer, who throws last rocks for Glen came up just a little short in the eighth only getting one.  Tom managed to steal a 5-4 win.

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