February 27, 2012

The Waddick Fuels ROC League curling league is nearing the end of the season
and played again on February 27th, 2012.  Come on out to watch some good local
curling action Monday nights at 7:15 at the Ridgetown Golf and Curling Club.

Peter Fisher vs. Tom Goens

Defense was the order of the day in this game.  Peter started off with four in
the first.  Tom responded with three in the second, thoroughly breaking the
order of the day.  Peter kept the offensive battle going with two in the third.
Tom was only able to get one in the fourth to make the score 6-4 at the half.
Peter came out for bear and took four in the fifth, followed by a steal of four
in the sixth.  Tom decided that was enough and gave Peter the 14-4 victory.

Bob Ingram vs. Jim McKinlay

Defense was the order of the day in this game.  Bob started off with a single in the first.  Jim came back with a deuce in the second.  Bob was only able to get a single in the third to tie things up.  The game changed in the fourth when
Bob got some rocks in play and was able to steal three.  Bob kept up the pressure and stole one in the fifth and two more in the sixth to take an 8-1 lead.  Jim decided that defense wasn’t winning the day and shook hands giving Bob the win.

Sheila Young vs. Glen Meredith

Defense is never on the order sheet when Sheila and Glen get on the ice together.  Sheila started off with one in the first and then was able to load up the house and steal three in the second.  The script seemed to be written against Glen and Sheila stole another in the third to take a 5-0 lead.  Glen got on the board in the fourth but could only get two.  Sheila made the lead four in the fifth when she took one more.  The teams traded singles in the sixth and seventh.  Glen then started his comeback.  Unfortunately it was too little, too late and he managed two in the eighth when he needed 4.  Sheila wins this one 7-5.

Doug Young vs. Scott McKinlay

Scott wasn’t able to play this week so he sent Rob McKinlay to take his place.  Doug started off strong with a deuce in the first and a steal of one in the second.  Doug switched to defensive mode and promptly allowed Rob to take
five.  Doug took two in the fourth and then stole three in the fifth to regain his three point lead.  Doug switched to defensive mode and promptly allowed Rob to take four and take a one point lead.  Rob got things in a good position in the seventh to steal one.  Doug got run out of rocks in the eighth.  Rob wins one for his brother by a 10-8 score.

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