January 16, 2012

Bob Ingram vs. Peter Fisher
Patty Vandergrient swept hard to give Bob a deuce in the first. Peter was able to reply with one in the second. Bob responded with another deuce in the third to go up by 3. Bob then decided to try out his hand at robbery and stole one in the fourth, two in the fifth and one in the sixth to finish out the game and win 8-1.

Sheila Young vs. Tom Goens
Tom’s team came out blazing and stole three in the first. Sheila responded with three of her own in the second to tie things up. Tom blanked the third in the hopes of scoring a big end in the fourth. That strategy didn’t work and Sheila stole one. Sheila then stole two. Sheila then stole one. Tom decided what he was doing wasn’t working and shook hands to head to the warmth of the lounge. Sheila wins 7-3.

Jim McKinlay vs. Glen Meredith
Jim started off strong with two in the first and a steal of one in the second. Glen changed strategies and got one in the third. Glen stuck with that strategy and promptly gave Jim three in the fourth. Then Jim stole the fifth, sixth and seventh before Glen called it quits. Jim wins 9-3.

Doug Young vs. Rob McKinlay
Would this be the only close game of the night? Rob started off with a single point in the first. Doug took advantage of the McKinlay rink and scored six in the second. Doug then stole one in the third. Rob got back on the board with a single in the fourth. Doug padded his lead a little with four more in the fifth. Rob scored two in the sixth before shaking hands. Doug avenges last week’s loss to Rob with an 11-4 victory.

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