January 23, 2012

Rob McKinlay vs. Tom Goens

Rob managed to get one behind cover in the first to steal one. Tom got a little heavy with his draw for two in the second and could only manage one to tie things up. Rob made a nice tap raise for two in the third. Rob got a couple behind cover in the fourth forcing Tom to attempt a raise for one. It didn’t quite work out and Rob stole two. Rob made a tap to the four-foot to lie three in the fifth. Tom tried a triple but only managed to get one out allowing Rob to steal two more. In a continuation of the stealing two theme, Rob was sitting three on the four-foot. Tom tried to hit and stay, but rolled out giving Rob another steal of two and ending the game. Final score was 9-1 for the McKinlay rink.

Sheila Young vs. Scott McKinlay

Scott hopped in on Australian time for this one. Sheila’s team tried to wake him up by stealing two in the first. Scott was able to bury one on the button to take one in the second. Sheila managed to knock Scott’s rock out to score three in the third. Scott responded with one in the fourth. Sheila was able to take two more in the fifth. Scott could only manage one in the sixth, prompting handshakes all around. Sheila wins over a jet lagged Scott 7-3.

Jim McKinlay vs. Peter Fisher

The two teams traded deuces in the first two ends. Peter was able to steal one in the third to take the lead. Jim got a few rocks into the house and was able to take three in the fourth to regain the lead. Peter pulled within one with a single in the fifth. Peter was able to get some rocks into play and stole two in the seventh the take the lead coming home. Peter had one on the top of the house and Jim had one angle frozen to it in the last end, leaving Jim with a tricky hit and roll. He made the shot, taking two and the win. Final score was 7-6 for Jim.

Doug Young vs. Bob Ingram

Doug came out like gangbusters and managed to allow Bob to take two in the first. Doug responded with one in the second. Then it was all Bob. After blanking the third, Bob took two in the fourth and stole singles in the fifth and sixth. Doug was hoping for some sort of help from the curling gods in the seventh, but they apparently decided that it just wasn’t going to be. Doug got a single in the seventh before deciding to quit and go home. Final score was 6-2 for Bob.

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