January 9, 2012

Sheila Young vs. Bob Ingram
Bob was able to take two in the first and Sheila blanked the second before taking one in the third.  Bob replied with one in the fourth to take a two-point lead at the half-way point.  Sheila was able to pull even with a deuce in the fifth. Bob opened things up with two in the sixth and a steal of two in the seventh to seal the deal.  Final score was 7-3 for Bob.

Tom Goens vs. Scott McKinlay
Scott was away this week, so Peter Fisher spared.  Tom started off by putting lots of rocks in  play and was able to hit and stick for three.  Peter hit and rolled out in the second to give Tom a steal of one. Peter missed a hit with his last in the third to give Tom another steal of one.  Peter was able to get rocks into play and took two in the fourth to pull within three. Tom woke up from his mid game nap in time to make a double raise to count three in the fifth. Peter could only hit and roll for one in the sixth before calling it a night. Tom wins this one 8-3.

Jim McKinlay vs. Glen Meredith
Jim started off big by taking four in the first.  Glen managed a single point in the second before Jim took three more in the third.  Glen managed a single point in the fourth.  Glen started a comeback by stealing one in the fifth. Jim got things back on track and blanked the sixth before taking one in the seventh
to put the game out of reach. Final score was 8-3 for Jim.

Doug Young vs. Rob McKinlay
These two teams played the closest game of the night this week.  Rob started off by taking one in the first. Doug was able to take two in the second and leapfrog over Rob.  Rob tied things up in the third. Doug could only get one in the fourth. Rob blanked the fifth and Doug was able to steal the sixth and take a two point lead.  Rob was able to get things set up and took two in the seventh to tie things up going home.  Doug tried to keep things clean in the eighth and it was working out pretty well until Doug got in the hack for his first stone. Doug pushed it a little wide and flashed right past Rob’s rock at the top of the house. Rob raised his stone just behind the T-line leaving Doug with a come around for the win.  Doug’s rock was heading in for the tap when it picked up a little extra curl, wrecking on the guard. Rob steals one and the win.

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