Monday, November 7, 2011

By Doug Young

Doug Young vs. Glen Meredith

Glen’s team was a little short this week with players farming.  Doug had to loan Glen a player to get this game in.  Doug started off with two in the first and followed that up with one in the second and two in the third to jump into a 5-0 lead. Glen got on the board with two in the fourth before Doug made the lead insurmountable with three in the fifth. The final score wound up to be 9-5 for Doug’s team.

Scott McKinlay vs. Sheila Young

Scott has rejoined the league again after a couple of years off.  Sheila came out pretty hot this week and took one in the first, stole one in the second, stole four in the third when Scott came a little heavy with his last and two more in the fourth to take a commanding 8-0 lead. Scott was able to get on the board with a single in the fifth.  That’s when the comeback began.  Scott was able to steal one in the sixth and decided it would be warmer in the lounge. Final score was 8-2 for Sheila.

Rob Stirling vs. Rob McKinlay

Rob Stirling is another new team this year. This game, like all the others on this evening, had a few misses.  Mr. McKinlay’s team was able to get a few rocks into the house and was able to take six. Rob missed a split in the second allowing Mr. Stirling to blank the end. Mr. Stirling took two in the third and Mr. McKinlay rolled his last shot out in the fourth to give Mr. Stirling a steal of one.  Unfortunately this was as close as Mr. Stirling would get.  Mr. McKinlay was able to hit and stick for two in the fifth and then stole the sixth to take the game 9-3.

Bob Ingram vs. Jim McKinlay

Three McKinlays this year – imagine that.  Jim’s rink was skipped by Crawford McKinlay this week while Jim was out farming. Bob started off by taking three in the first. Crawford replied with one in the second.  Bob got two in the third, Crawford got one in the fourth.  Crawford was able to steal the fifth and climb within two. Bob didn’t want some young whippersnapper getting the best of him, so he took two in the sixth and stole two in the seventh to finish off Jim’s team 9-3.

Next week we’ll try to have all four games have nines in the score.

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