Monday, November 14, 2011

By Doug Young

Tom Goens vs. Sheila Young

Sheila got off to another quick start by taking one in the first.  Tom got one in the second to tie things up.  The third saw Tom leave a single rock in the open which Sheila was able to remove and, with biters, took four.  Tom was taken aback by giving up 4 and allowed Sheila to get behind cover to steal the fourth and take a five point lead.  Tom got going in the fifth and took three.  Sheila had to leave early and Vicki Gough took over the skipping duties.  Vicki was able to get one in the sixth before Tom took two in the seventh to close to within one.  Vicki was able to hold off the late charge and took one in the eighth to win the game 8-6.

Doug Young vs. Bob Ingram

Doug started off quickly and was able to get two in the first.  Bob blanked the second, but Doug was able to steal one in the third.  Bob got on the board with a deuce in the fourth.  Unfortunately that was all Bob could get and Doug took two in the fifth, stole one in the sixth and two in the seventh to put the game away.  Final score was 8-2 for Doug’s squad.

Rob Stirling vs. Glen Meredith

Glen had most of his team this week.  Rob started off with a single in the first.  Glen was able to respond with two in the second.  Not to be outdone, Rob took three in the third (the pattern has developed).  Glen couldn’t keep up the pace and could only get two in the fourth to tie the game.  Glen’s team got into their groove and stole a single in the fifth, three in the sixth and one in the seventh to seal the deal and take Rob’s team down with a 9-5 win.

Scott McKinlay vs. Jim McKinlay

Jim was far enough along in the harvest to be able to curl this week.  Scott was able to get off to a quick start and took one in the first.  Jim blanked the second and Scott promptly stole one in the third.  Jim was able to get on the board with a deuce in the fourth to tie things up.  Jim then stole two in the fifth to take the lead.  Scott matched Jim and took two in the sixth to tie things up again.  Jim was able to get rocks in play and take two in the seventh.  Jim tried to hold on, but still allowed Scott to take two in the eighth to tie the game and send things into the first extra end game of the year.  Jim was able to keep things clean enough to hit and stick for one in the extra end to win the game 7-6 in a tight one.

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