Monday, November 21, 2011

By Doug Young

Bob Ingram vs. Rob Stirling

Bob got two in the first before Rob got a single in the second.  The teams traded singles in the third and fourth to leave Bob up by one at the half-way point.  Bob was able to crack a three ender in the fifth to open up the game.  Rob came up a little short with his draw in the sixth to allow Bob to keep a three-point lead.  Bob took another three in the seventh to put the game out of reach.  Final score was 9-5 for Bob.

Rob McKinlay vs. Tom Goens

Tom made a great draw in the first against three to take one.  Rob put a few rocks in play in the second and managed to get 5 and take a commanding lead.  Rob’s team managed to steal one in the third to go up by 5.  Tom was able to draw the four-foot to get one in the fourth.  Tom had one behind cover in the fifth, but Rob was able to make a raise double to take three more.  Rob stole the sixth to prompt the end of the game.  Rob wins 10-2.

Scott McKinlay vs. Doug Young

The two teams traded single points in the first two ends before Doug was able to take two points in the third.  Doug’s team made a few shots after that and managed to get steals of one in the foruth and fifth and two in the sixth to finish the game early.  Doug’s foursome wins 7-1.

Jim McKinlay vs. Sheila Young

The corn harvest reduced the McKinlay rink to three players as Jim was riding the combine instead of the more important role as skip of his team.  Crawford McKinlay took over the skipping duties which caused some friction on the team because his mom didn’t want to sweep so many rocks on her own.  Sheila started with a steal of one in the first and then two more in the second to put Crawford in a bit of a hole.  She then added three more in the third to go up 6-0.  Crawford though he heard his dad screaming from the fields and picked up his game to take two in the fourth.  Sheila missed a draw for 2 in the fifth, but still managed one.  Crawford was left with a run back in the sixth, but couldn’t quite make it giving up 4 and prompting the end of the game.  Sheila wins 11-2.

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