March 12, 2012

The Waddick Fuels Ridgetown Open Competitive (ROC) curling league finished up their regular season on March 12th 2012.

Scott McKinlay vs. Tom Goens

Scott got off to a slow start and missed his final hit to give Tom a single point. Tom got one behind cover which Scott couldn’t get to allowing Tom a steal of one. Scott’s difficulties continued when he missed a draw against four to give Tom another steal. Scott finally got on the board when he drew for one in the fourth. The score was 6-1 after four. Tom got singles in the fifth and again in the sixth to finish Scott off. Final score was 8-1 for Tom.

Peter Fisher vs. Rob McKinlay

Peter started off quickly by taking four in the first and stealing two in the second. Peter started to pile on by stealing three more in the third to get into a 9-0 lead. Rob was finally able to get on the board with a single in the fourth. Rob followed that up with a steal of one in the fifth, but that was as close as he would come. Peter finished off Rob with two in the sixth to cause handshakes all around. Peter wins this one 11-2.

Bob Ingram vs. Glen Meredith

Glen was able to jump into the lead when he took one in the first. Bob responded with one in the second to tie things up. Then Bob went on a stealing terror. He stole three in the third, two in the fourth and one in the fifth to go up 7-1. Glen was finally able to take another point in the sixth and decided he had enough. Final score was 7-2 for Bob.

Doug Young vs. Sheila Young

The battle of the spouses was tonight. It’s always a knock-down, drag-out battle when these two teams meet. Doug started off strong by taking one in the first. Sheila responded with two in the second to take a one-point lead. That’s when things went horribly wrong for the Young rink. Sheila stole three in three, one in four and one more in five before Doug could get on the scoreboard again. Sheila thumps Doug 7-2.

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