Ridgetown Curling Club Recognized

On Monday, March 13, 2017 Dave Maxwell, a member of the Trust Your Buddy (TYB) program made a presentation and awarded the Ridgetown Curling Club a Certificate of Appreciation from the TYB Program for the club’s outstanding acceptance and guidance in the sport of curling to those that are visually impaired. The Trust Your Buddy program is funded through the CCB (Counsel of the Blind) and is spear headed by Program Coordinator Ryan Van Praet. The program’s main objective is to integrate visually impaired individuals into a variety of mainstream physical activities and sports.  The Ridgetown Curling Club executive and all of the members have welcomed, encouraged, guided and instructed those new members with visual impairments so they can and will continue in the sport of curling.

TYB Trust Your Buddy and Ridgetown Curling Club photo

The Ridgetown Curling Club accepted a certificate of appreciation from the Trust Your Buddy Program. From left to right is Peter Fisher, President of the Ridgetown Curling Club, Sarah Ford, Wednesday night League, and Dave Maxwell, a member of the Trust Your Buddy program.

Wednesday Night Convenor Sarah Ford stated that “The Trust Your Buddy Program members have been a wonderful addition to our Wednesday Night League. Our group has learned a lot from the TYB members and our club’s mission is to continue to help grow the sport of curling, and help our community members foster more active and healthy lifestyles.” Dave Maxwell also stated “The Ridgetown Curling Club’s outstanding support and acceptance of our TYB members has meant a great deal to us.” The Ridgetown Curling Club’s season is almost over, but encourages everyone to come out and learn to curl.

The Trust Your Buddy (TYB) program is about being LOCAL, ACCESSIBLE, ADAPTABLE, INTEGRATED and motivational. By offering sports programs throughout the year as well as 1 on 1 mentoring, we feel that no blind/VI person should be left out of the fun!

The “Trust Your Buddy- Accessible Recreation for the BlindVI” (TYB) is a program run by the Canadian Council of the Blind (CCB), thanks largely in part of the fact they are the recipient of the 2015 OSCRF grant. The Ontario Sport and Communities Recreation Fund (OSCRF) is a grant given out by the Ministry of Ontario with the aim of creating sustainable opportunities for Ontarians of all ages and abilities, to become and stay physical active.

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